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This circle contains people who really are interesting and active people on Google Plus.

Grow your G+ community with people that share amazing content that will surprise you:

If you received the notice you are in this circle, then well done.
If you would like to be included in the next Circle Share, you only have to do these simple steps:

1 - Include me in your circles (If you haven’t already)

2 - Share the circle (Publicly) - (cc) me *( +Circle Network ) in the comments on the share and  I can add you to the next circle immediately.*   Otherwise I may not notice your activity!

3 - Add +1 to the post.

4 - Leave a comment if you like.

5 - Add the circle or just check it out.

Follow your dreams, Share and Be Shared.

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If you would like to be removed from future circles, please send me a private message and I won’t share your profile in the future.

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V20 #GrowthCircle #TopEngagers I wanted to create a new #GoogleCircleShare  for top engagers.  These are people that will share and re-post your circles and other content you produce.

I highly suggest adding each and every person in this #GoogleCircle  as they will b sure to interact with you.

If you would like to be a part of my top engagers #BosmolCircle  then please do the following:
1. Add me to your circles, if you haven’t done so already
2. +1 this circle
3. Publicly share this circle to public, your circles and extended circles.
4. Leave a comment on this circle so I know you have done the three steps above

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I am confident that together we can get this to over 420+ plusses just like we did last time at

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It’s time for SEASON 3 of Circle Share Experiment

Experiment’s Circle No. 5     #FridayCircle on October 17

This Season CIRCLESHAREEXPERIMENT will start with 6 unique circles (Monday to Saturday) and 3000 profiles.
All re-sharers and circle creators will be added to #TOPCircle (Sunday)
Circles will be shared daily till end of the month.

- make sure you are following Experiment
- re-share circle if you want to become part of TOPCircle
- leave comment if you want to be included in Season 3 of Circle Share Experiment

Feel Free to Share, Add or Plus1!


Circle Share Experiment by +Miha Ucakar

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Let’s break 500 shares again and keep the momentum going! These are the best of the best engagers from all walks of life. Give yourself a little diversity and add these great people to your circles.

➤ To be added into the next share, follow these simple steps:  

1) Add the circle

2) Plus the original post

3) Share the circle publicly (and with your circles/extended circles)

4) Comment on the original post when complete 

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Check your presence in this circle also with

TO BE INCLUDED in the next update of this circle  you must follow these two steps:

1) Add my profile or add this circle 
2)  Share this post IN YOUR PUBLIC STREAM (I will check the ripples)

I also include some of those who include me in their own shared circles.
The purpose of this circle is to promote ACTIVE users to G+ public and help them increase the number of their followers. This is not a random circle. If you are included be kind to reshare. Failing to reshare after some times or being inactive for more than 3 weeks will take you out of this circle.
I add back those who participate in this project. 

If I forgot to include some of you please tell me.
This circle is also published for 1 week also in my website at :

Here there are some useful suggestions that may help you with this project. The more this project expands , greater will be YOUR success. Make the success of this project, your success
Please LIKE my site also on StumbleUpon at this link:
If you want to be included in the Special Thanks Circle posted also in the home page of SHARE PUBLICLY the post at the link below:
GET CONNECTED to the #plusyourfollowers    project in 2 steps:
1) Create a PYF Circle and in it put just +plusyourfollowers   G+ page.
2) Turn notifications for that circle ON
You’ll never miss a post again and you will always be notified when a new circle is out.
Join the  new concept community. Your G+ by nations.
Participate at my G+ poll!